Web Files Viewer: it's easy because it's only one file

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Here is the "to do list":

Content revision date: 2009/09/30.
 - (18) Previous and Next buttons
   To show previous and next file in the current directory.
   Especially user friendly when browsing a picture gallery.

 - (19) Display size for all files even directories
   Show number of files contained by the folder near its icon.

 - (20) Enable theme choice
   Not only to choose colors but also presentation of files
   (as list, detailed lines, ... as file browsers do long time ago).

 - (6) HTTP_LANGUAGE_ACCEPT detection
   Use of the $lg var. I've already done that before.

 - (16) Test real file types
   It reads the files extensions for the moment.

 - (7) Put an icon for other file types than directories and URLs
   May be for pictures, sounds, movies, documents, archives,...
   (as Apache does).

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