Web Files Viewer: it's easy because it's only one file

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Here is the "to do list":

Content revision date: 2009/09/30.
(18) Previous and Next buttons To show previous and next file in the current directory.
Especially user friendly when browsing a picture gallery.
(19) Display size for all files even directories Show number of files contained by the folder near its icon.
(20) Enable theme choice Not only to choose colors but also presentation of files
(as list, detailed lines, ... as file browsers do long time ago).
(6) HTTP_LANGUAGE_ACCEPT detection Use of the $lg var. I've already done that before.
(16) Test real file types It reads the files extensions for the moment.
(7) Put an icon for other file types than directories and URLs May be for pictures, sounds, movies, documents, archives,...
(as Apache does).

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