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Web Files Viewer
by PixEye at users.sourceforge.net

To install WFV, you have to download the following files:

1) web-files-viewer_php.txt
2) wfvgrc_php.txt (optional)
3) mkthumbs.sh (optional)

1) The second file is the main one. Rename it from
"web-files-viewer_php.txt" to "index.php" (or "index.php3")
and copy it with the documents you want to share on a web server which
support PHP (version 3 or higher, version 4 is recommended).
This file should be in the root directory of the documents you want to share.
I strongly advice to use directories to organize your documents.

2) If you want to change the look of the pages, you can do so with the
third file: "wfvgrc_php.txt". Edit it as you want and then save it as
".wfvgrc.php" or ".wfvrc.php" if you want it to act only on one directory.
As a matter of fact, the "g" in ".wfvgrc.php" means Global and this
configuration file will act in all subdirectories from where it has been put.

3) If you have acces to a Linux or a Unix host, the first file: "mkthumbs.sh"
will help you to generate thumbnails.

For more information, please visit:

For support request, please visit:

For feature request, please visit:

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